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One on one

It doesn't matter wether you are just starting as a photographer or if you're already a more experienced nature photographer, if you really want to improve your photographic skills, a one on one workshop is the best option! Henkjan will teach you all the professional does and don'ts. There's time for all your questions and wishes. Contact us for the possibillities and together we'll make a personalized programme.


Just the two of you

Do you and your friend both have the same passion for photography? Or are you and your father both fond of nature for years and would you like to learn how to take beautiful photos of it? Then a workshop nature and landscape photography for two is the best way to improve your photographer skills. All your questions and wishes will be answered. Contact us for more information. 

Did you know it is also possible to give a workshop away as a present? A perfect gift for your children, parents, a wedding or just two friends!

Customized workshop from the trunk of a car

Small group

It's also possible to organize a workshop for a small group. Whether you are fanatic photofriends, or you're organizing a bachelor party, a day out from work or a weekend with the family, everybody is able to improve his photographic skills during a workshop with a professional photographer. The group can consist of up to 10 people. 

Interested? Contact us for the possibillities and together we'l make a customized programme!

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