About us

Taking photos of nature and landscape. Showing the simple beauty of nature in a sublime way.

Taking care of a beautiful museum quality print for the office or at home above the dining table.

Organizing a photo contest. A perfect image bank. A customized photo workshop?

That's what we can do for you! Nature and landscape photography. from wide angle to telephoto.

Henkjan is the photographer, Kiki does the rest. From wish to final result!

Kiki van der Horst

The past 20 years Kiki has worked as a project manager in various organizations in all kinds of projects: ICT, urban renewal, restoration of national monuments, recreational facilities, and the realization of a cultural-historical book. Since 2011 she works for Vanellus Vanellus photo productions. This is where her knowledge and experience as a project manager and her personal love and passion for nature and cultural history meet. She has a personal and open attitude and an energetic and goaldriven approach.

Henkjan Kievit

Henkjan is a naturephotographer since he was 12 years old. He started as a bird photographer, but quickly switched to different subjects. In addition to a specialization on butterflies and macro photography, he later became a nature and landscape photographer in the broadest sense of the word. You can truly call him an autodidactic allround photographer.

Vanellus Vanellus
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